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Rockefeller Visiting Fellow in which he interviews a number of scholars, theologians, scientists and cosmic thinkers about their ideas and opinions regarding religion and spirituality, including Karen Armstrong, Daniel Dennett, Freeman Dyson, Steven Pinker, and Galen Strawson among others.Meaningoflife is sponsored by Slate Magazine, and made possible through funding by the Templeton Foundation. Bloggingheads diavlogs are conducted via webcam, and can be viewed online or downloaded either as WMV or MP4 video files or as MP3 sound files.Combined with the steady inhalation and exhalation as the cat breathes, a purring noise is produced with strong harmonics.Purring is sometimes accompanied by other sounds, though this varies between individuals.Now, I don't think that precludes the possibility that as ideas about God have evolved people have moved closer to something that may be the truth about ultimate purpose and ultimate meaning...

A more expansive definition is "purring signals a friendly social mood, and it can be given as a signal to, say, a vet from an injured cat indicating the need for friendship, or as a signal to an owner, saying thank you for friendship given." One hypothesis, supported by electromyographic studies, is that cats produce the purring noise by using the vocal folds and/or the muscles of the larynx to alternately dilate and constrict the glottis rapidly, causing air vibrations during inhalation and exhalation.

Cats use a range of communication modalities including vocal, visual, tactile and olfactory.

Cats have intricate feelings that many people believe they can sense due to their strong connections with their individual cats.

Broadband sounds are separated into four groups: non-tonal broadband sounds, broadband sounds with tonal beginnings, broadband sounds with short tonal elements, and broadband sounds with long tonal endings.

This tonal rumbling can characterize different personalities in domestic cats.

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