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It’s just like, pick on white people because we have so much shit coming our way. Entertainment Television, Chelsea Handler routinely mouths off about Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie and almost everyone else in and around the gates of the Hollywood-industrial complex.In a recent sketch, Handler mocked the band’s masculinity, their mismatched and their “purity rings” (symbolizing the pop stars’ pledge not to have premarital sex).Later in the bit, Handler sexually manhandled one of the faux brothers -- shoving her chest in his face and offering him carnal delights. Some merely called her names, others were more specific -- suggesting Handler die sooner rather than later.What we did in the documentaries is exactly what I want to do for the talk show, but obviously it’s a different format that’s going to be on three nights a week. Interviewing people is the easiest job in the world if you’re smart. My executive producer called me last night and was like, “Hey, I’m in your neighborhood. ” I just got home from having dinner with my girlfriend, and he came over and we smoked a joint and played ping pong for two hours and I thought, “This is exactly what I always wanted my life to be like”. For someone who is famous for letting their guard down, you’re friends with a lot of famously guarded people. I think when you see a lot of people that have their guards up, for me, it eliminates me having my guard down less. I kind of want to incorporate that as much as possible and make it a cool way to get information and a place where you would want to get it from. I think a good interviewer is somebody who is actually curious and really interested in people, and I have a very low bullshit meter. What does it feel like to live the exact life you’ve always wanted? It feels great to be able to succeed at something that you’ve worked at your whole life, to enjoy all the moments, to take a break for a minute, to step away for a year like I was able to do, which is huge. You have to be smart enough to know how to have a healthy relationship with this business, and have a healthy relationship with myself, and all the success and pain and all that fucking bullshit that comes along with it. When I see people that are so insular and really are guarded, it makes me want to be even more open. Do you ever give your famous friends like Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz shit for not cutting through that bullshit and not being open and honest for their lives? Sorry give me one second, I just need to talk to this guy. Do you think that somebody like Jennifer Lawrence should be writing about not getting as much money as her male costars or should she be pleased with the millions she’s already making? Were you checking Twitter during that period and trying to keep up with celebrity news? I read a review in about Coldplay and they ripped them. You can’t make fun of Beyoncé, you can’t make fun of Bruno Mars, because everybody is in such a politically-correct zone, so they can rip Chris Martin to shreds. What do you think about the whole conversation swirling around the gender pay gap? I did everything that I would ever want to do as an adult wealthy person, as a female wealthy person.

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News.” The dirt is dished with a revolving panel of comedians and her sidekick, a 4-foot-3-inch gentleman named Chuy, whom she lovingly refers to as “my little hot tamale.”She dishes it out -- and takes it Throughout the show’s banter, and interviews with guests -- who usually hail from cable or reality series -- one of her biggest targets is herself.

And typically, the host of “Chelsea Lately” does so without incurring threats of bodily harm.

Then, she took on the Jonas Brothers, the squeaky-clean, heartthrob boy band from New Jersey.

She is an American by nationality and belongs to Ashkenazi Jewish and German ethnicity.

She made her TV debut in the series television series .

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