Clovis points dating

If you are interested in buying the artifact and wish to submit an offer of less value then please feel free to Do so and we will submit it to the owner for approval or disapproval.The prices listed do not include shipping and insurance, that is the buyers responsibility.About fourteen thousand years ago, the Native American Indian tribes settled in the Northern part of USA.Most of them did not like farming and lived as nomadic hunters and foragers.

End scrapers were sometimes hafted, or attached to a wooden handle, but could also be handheld.I DO NOT knowingly or intentionally list or sale reproduction artifacts on this site.Every artifact and arrowhead listed for Sale on this site is the owners asking price.(there are differences of opinion between sources which recognize the classification), and the transition to the succeeding Archaic Period is not very well defined. IT COMES WITH ANDERSON, J AND DEE, SATTLER AND HOWARD COA'S00 OR MAKE OFFER 9.Its starting point is a matter for some speculation, as is the more general question of when human habitation entering into the Americas was first achieved. FOR SALE: THIS CLOVIS WAS FOUND IN BRANCH COUNTY MICHIGAN AND IS MADE FROM MERCER CHERT. IT COMES WITH PUTTY, PARTAIN AND J AND DEE COA'S00 OR MAKE OFFER 11.

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