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He was appointed the name "Hollows" instead of Clyde by the student Clyde Marsh, a fellow non clique turned best-friend that he respects greatly.One thing led to another, and after being taken under the arms by his current older brother figure Jack Hayter, his popularity began to sky rocket.Ok, so it might seem a little clinical but as the research suggests, it works. Whether you're looking for a long term relationship — marriage, kids, the full works, or just someone to share a nice bottle of wine with, you can make sure that you only meet the people who want those same things.There used to be a time when dating sites were a bit taboo.Before arriving at the school, Hollows experienced a traumatic event where his mother died in a fiery car accident, which he was blamed for.He doesn't usually discuss his family apart from his sister Bonnie Hollows, yet he sometimes mentions his deadbeat father, his hated older brother Adam, and his little sister Eve to his good friends.Not looking for a quickie one-night slam bam, but someone willing to take their time.

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Someone willing to go slow and develop a friendship with benefit relationship.The accident is commonly brought up by two of his closest friends Bryce and Kenny, whether its to mess with Clyde or just general conversation or concern.Hollows arrived to the academy and was almost instantly acquainted to as greasers as greaser lieutenant Bonnie Hollows younger brother, gaining him high respect from Ricky Vincent and the greasers.He has a quirk about him, and that is when nervous/anxious he tends to have a "devilish" or "sadistic" smile appear on his face.Close friends to him, such as Clyde Marsh and Bryce Kent would notice the side of Clyde that is more depressed and to himself, he constantly overworks himself and wonders if at some point he would turn corrupt or violent like his good friend Spencer without realizing.

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