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There was talk that you two even lived in the same villa. ” Jung Yong Hwa answered, “It is the same villa community but we live in different buildings.

We are not dating.” He also admitted that the rumor of him getting into Seohyun’s van was true.

Leader CNBLUE meluangkan waktu untuk menjelaskan berbagai rumor yang melibatkan dirinya dengan aktris populer Park Shin Hye dan Seohyun SNSD di akhir siaran Radio Star.” Yong Hwa menjelaskan “Park Shin Hye hanyalah teman biasa. Dulu, ia datang pada salah satu konser kami dan Ibuku juga berada di sana untuk menonton.” Ia melanjutkan “Ia dan ibuku saling tegur sapa namun masyarakat mulai berpikir bahwa ia dekat dengan kedua orangtuaku.

Aku dekat dengan Park Shin hye namun kerena semua rumor yang merebak, aku bahkan tidak dapat membuat persahabatan kami terlihat jelas.

The CNBLUE leader took time to clear up some of those rumors involving himself and popular actress Park Shin Hye and Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun on the latest broadcast of “Radio Star.” Jung Yong Hwa explained, “Park Shin Hye is just a friend. In the past, she came to one of our concerts and my mother was there too.” He continued, “She and my mother exchanged greetings but people started to think that she was close with my parents.

I am close with Park Shin Hye but because of all of those rumors, I can’t even make our friendship noticeable.” When the MCs mentioned Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho‘s kiss scene from “The Heirs,” they asked Jung Yong Hwa how he felt when he saw it.

” He replied, “Once in a while, we’ll contact each other.

But he explained that their license plate numbers were very similar, which is why he mistook Girls’ Generation’s van as his own.

But the MCs stayed true to the “Radio Star” style and persistently asked, “Don’t you like the Seohyun-type of girls?

The March 9 broadcast of SBS’ “Inkigayo” saw a fierce three-way competition for first place as the nominees were Girls’ Generation, Soyu x Junggigo, and CNBLUE.

Girls’ Generation held their comeback stage, performing their songs “Mr.

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