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She drove from Kentucky to California, her car stuffed to the brim with crop tops, beer cheese, and dogs the approximate size of small rats to join the staff at SUR.Brittany is kind of like the epitome of a modern day fairy tale – from Hooters waitress to reality tv persona!She invited every single person who lived in Atlanta, passed out invites at the mall, and went on a morning show to promote the house-party.

Thanks Depends on what satellite(s) the box is set up to receive.

Unless your satellite dish has the extra LNBs and Di SEq C 'switches' in place, any satellite set top box you connect will only receive the H/V feeds from the one satellite.

I remember playing with one these in a hotel in Pattaya a year or so back and it had some english channels, some movies and documentaries but i cant find them on this device. The 'links' I posted are there to show you what possible channels you can expect from each satellite provider (dependent on subscription package selected).

Honestly, have you ever heard a little kid with a thick Southern accent? Super cute, but I have no idea what they are saying.

It appears that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills isn’t done with its cast shake-up.

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