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My wife is very dominant, so she never submits to another man but she has no problem getting them to let me suck their cocks.

She got me to suck my first cock 4 years ago and since then she has only fucked one guy who didn't want me to suck him!

We have been helping Doms and subs get together since 2008.

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Or once you started sucking cock for her, did you start enjoying it for it's own sake? I had to buy her a few short books that describe hot wives and cuckolding. I was on my knees thinking I'd suck Him hard to fuck my Wife than realized I'd finish Him.

That guy wasn't scared away either, he continued to fuck her for about a year, he just didn't want physical contact with me.

I am most turned on to the idea of kneeling in front another man to acknowledge my submission to him.

I’ve also received messages from a variety of cucks who’ve asked to talk about this on this forum or kik.

If anyone would like to chat about this please message me or send your information on kik.hello.

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