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If you choose this website type be prepared to face alot of competition.Since there are so many review sites out there you must find an approach or ‘hook’ that is unique to set your site apart.

It allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and build personal trust that will allow you to promote affiliate products from your site visitors.

Your Starter plan will include everything you need to get started: I have loaded a video on how to install different Word Press themes and how to start building your website below. It’s a great question since there are many many thousands to choose from.

There are 10 total videos that will load back to back without you having to do anything but watch. If you’re just getting started I highly recommend you start with one of many free themes you’ll find on

Start by focusing only on a small portion of your market and not the entire enchilada or you’re going to be invisible to your prospects.

An authority website is a very high quality website that is respected by knowledgeable people in that niche or industry.

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