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There wasn’t time to date them all before the semester ended, so many called her at her home in New York.“We had the horrors here for a couple of weeks,” her mother says laughingly. Result, as long date’s journey brightened into night: a bull’s-eye for cupid’s computer. From Boston to Berkeley, computer dates are sweeping the campus, replacing old-fashioned boy-meets-girl devices; punch bowls are out, punch cards are in. The match mystique is here: In just nine months, some 100,000 collegians paid more than 0,000 to Match (and to its MIT foe, Contact) for the names of at least five compatible dates. Nikos Tsinikas, a Yale senior, spent a New Haven weekend with his computer-Matched date, Nancy Schreiber, an English major at Smith. ” Perhaps no mother has yet said that to her daughter, but don’t bet it won’t happen, because Big Matchmaker is watching you. They didn’t wait long: 8,000 answer sheets piled in, each accompanied by the three-dollar fee. Clearly, the lads weren’t the only lonely collegians in New England. They formed a corporation (Morrill soon sold out to Tarr), called the scheme Operation Match, flooded nearby schools with personality questionnaires to be filled out, and waited for the response.

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” Tarr acknowledges that there are goofs, but he remains carefree. “Some romanticists complain that we’re too commercial,” he says.

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A Radcliffe senior, getting into the spirit of things, telephoned a girl on her list and said cheerfully, “I hear you’re my ideal date.” At Stanford, a coed was matched with her roommate’s fiance. “Maybe the computer knows something that I don’t know,” she said. For some, there is an embarrassment of witches, but others find agreeable surprises.

A Northwestern University junior reported: “The girl you sent me didn’t have much upstairs, but what a staircase!

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