Conception dating ultrasound

absolutely 100% confidence that you did not conceive on January 14th. Breathe a big sigh of relief and close that chapter completely. There is ZERO chance that there could be a 2 week error at this stage of pregnancy. Sorry I was just looking at the thread and see that I missed one of your questions asking for a link to the reliable research.I'm glad that it's worked out like this for you. Great, I just gave you the best correct answers as clearly as possible. I'll be happy to help you with any thing that comes up during pregnancy as well. Usually I get an e-mail telling me you are waiting with a question but I don't recall getting an email about that.

Women in situations where paternity is being contested will need to use technology that will stand up in court.

I did have a period that started somewhere between the 6-8 of January.

I had sex on the 14th and took the morning after pill on the 16th.

The fact that it did increase in size and that there is a heartbeat are both very good signs.

I usually don't repeat the ultrasound any sooner than 1 week apart because especially at small sizes, it's hard to control the little white cross calipers.

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