Conscious singles dating site

Since its launch, Spiritual Singles has grown largely by member referrals, which Jill sees as a sign that the dating site is working and making people happy.“I’m doing many things differently from other dating sites, and I hope to be a positive influence,” she said.Last year, Spiritual Singles released a mobile-friendly and modern version of the dating site that included a shorter and faster signup process.Jill had originally thought abbreviating the process would increase registrations, but the last year of data shows that it leads to users having incomplete profiles, which decreases their chances of meeting someone.“Real, genuine connections and marriages are the result of operating a clean dating site for over 18 years with a focus on member success.” Spiritual Singles may be an 18-year-old site, but the team’s recent updates have made it look shiny and new again.The dating site recently consolidated its messaging system so that conversations appear on one thread — effectively eliminating the dated Outbox.

“It just makes more sense to me that only member is required to pay for two to communicate,” Jill said.

The dating site’s affordable membership plans and straight-up design has fostered deep connections.

“My primary inspiration is always to provide a better member experience and to facilitate more success stories,” Jill said.

Many of the new features on the dating site came from a suggestion made by a member.

That feedback helps Jill understand her audience and create a better environment that’s customized to suit them.

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