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I recently shared my most important decision ever that started me on the path to becoming a polyglot, but it lead to a lot of questions that some of you have been raising in the comments and contacting me about.What if you don't live in the country that speaks the language you want to learn?How can you learn several languages at once without getting them mixed up?What if you are just too shy to get out there and meet people?But I needed to think about my career; working in youth hostels and teaching English were not related to my degree in Electronic Engineering.After lots of searching, I found a job in 😛 After 8 months in Paris I was finally starting to get by in French.This isn't because of pure luck, but because of using the site efficiently and being very selective in deciding who I host.Most of those using the site are very generous, open-minded travellers so I always consider Couchsurfing as a network of (currently over a million) nice people.

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To maintain the quality of the vouching system, people can only vouch for someone else if they themselves have been vouched for 3 times.

To make matters worse I was completely forgetting my Spanish, Italian and German (and in fact, I never did get my German back; that will be another 3-month mission some day!

) After all the work I put into speaking these languages, it was depressing that I was back to square one and not even able to piece together basic sentences again!

When locals ask me how to improve their English without travelling I tell them about this site, because there are obviously lots of English speakers who travel with it too.

It's ironic, but I've actually learned way more French by hosting Couchsurfers .

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