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I’ve written about it in my book UNLEASHING THE COUGAR – ADVENTURES OF AN ONLINE DATING VIRGIN, which I’m looking to publish.(If you’re an astute literary agent or publisher, I’d love to hear from you). Through heartfelt memoirs I share my transformation from eager ingénue new to the ever-changing lingo and etiquette, bad behaviour, undisclosed expectations and in-your-face dick pics!With reference to search features, you'll find a range of options (see above) allowing you to perform general searches or pinpoint something specific.The one-click tab searches are particularly useful for checking out who's online or checking out new members or new member content.I adore thinkers and writers like Esther Perel and Dan Savage who explore this terrain and help people through the quagmire of desire, infidelity and relationships.I’ve explored subjects like polyamory and relationship anarchy in my goal to shine a light on the messages we’re given in our lives about what choices we have, what relationships should look like, and what we expect of our partners.

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I’m interested in unpacking the notion of and social understandings behind monogamy.The mind-blowing thing is that it's absolutely FREE to join and use all features on the site. Whilst it might not be quite as slick as some of the other subscription sites in this category, it still packs in all the practical features that can help you find a date and more.It's tricky to resist the urge to trumpet the fact that a dating site like this one is 100% free, mainly because whilst most sites allow you to join and create a profile for free, there's little more you can do in terms of communicating with other members without taking out a subscription.One of the potential pitfalls of joining a free dating site is that you're likely to come across more fake and inactive profiles than elsewhere, and there's no subscription option that might convey a sense of authenticity given that the member is paying to be here.So, despite the best efforts of the site staff to screen profiles, be prepared to do a bit of weeding as you browse.

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