Cougar lovers dating

A cougar is an older woman looking to date a younger man (cub).

In this article, you’ll learn precisely what a Cougar is, why you should be dating one, how to spot one in the wild and the general rules you should pay attention to while dating a Cougar.

Some people like to say that they hunt younger men.

Cubs typically prefer Cougars for one-night stands and quick hookups because Cougars are very talented and experienced in bed.

Cougar and Cub relationships can also be a lot more than one-night affairs as Cubs realize that they can communicate better with Cougars, deal with less drama and feel like a man in their company.

Cougars know how to treat their young men with lots of respect, and they treat them like the man that they are both sexually and mentally.

The younger man and older women relationships can work on a wide variety of relationship types.

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