Creationist response to carbon dating

Either way, YEC does not reject the idea of species extinction, but it does reject the creation of new species over great periods of geologic time.

In fact, they generally support the teaching of evolutionary theory in classrooms, but advocate the inclusion of evidence for supernatural intervention in origin of species as well.

It seems that the thing which unites those in the ID camp is that they are quite skeptical of organic evolution in the broadest sense and reject a strict interpretation of common descent.

In other words, as a rule, the intelligent design view is that God intervened miraculously to create organic life in the first place and that he also intervened at various times in the distant and even the more recent past to create the various "kinds" of life.

I will begin with a very brief but general description of the four Christian views of evolution.

I do not pretend to be unbiased and am sure my inclination will show up in the descriptions below, but it is my intention here to give a relatively unbiased description of the four Christian views of evolution and leave my opinion for the last section of this essay.

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