Cross validating drop down menu gods predating jesus

In the example shown below, column B provides a dropdown menu for food Category, and column C provides options in the chosen category.If the user selects "Fruit", they see a list of fruits, if they select "Nut", they see a list of nuts, and if they select "Vegetable", they see a list of vegetables.Do you still insert check boxes or option buttons one by one?With Kutools for Excel's Batch Insert Check Box and Batch Insert Option Button utilites, you can insert check boxes and option buttons in a range with one click. Select a cell and then hold Alt key, and type 30 in the Number keyboard to insert symbol ▲. Then type the symbol you need with above step one by one to the cells. Now you can create a drop down list with these symbols. Now a drop down list with symbol you want has been created.

Read on to see how to create dependent dropdown lists in Excel.

The data validation in column B uses this custom formula: The key to this technique is named ranges the INDIRECT function.

INDIRECT accepts text values and tries to evaluate them as cell references.

Here are some examples: , since the list depends on another value.

They are created with data validation, using a custom formula based on the INDIRECT function and named ranges.

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