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As we bring more intelligence and data to mundane things, the more we have to be careful of making sure that those things aren't exposing us to those we don't want to be exposed to. I'm always thinking of ways to improve Glitchet while simultaneously using it as the perfect excuse to code cool things. You can support Glitchet with a monthly subscription on Patreon, or a one-time payment via Pay Pal.

Right now on my mind is an article aggregation and classification system that can scan the web for futuristic articles and put them onto a page on Glitchet under categories like "drones", "robots", what have you. Money for Glitchet goes into paying for server costs, spending more time developing it, and telling it you love it.

Soto imagined bringing religion directly to the people by offering sermons or bible study in unusual places, like backwater towns, Cross Fit gyms, campgrounds, and bars.

That November, Soto convinced his wife, Kari, to join him on his mission.

We're not there yet, but you can see the beginnings of it.

They bought information, data, a piece of our physical existence.

Literally purchased something smart on our walls without our consent. I'm going to build a survey system so you can just hit a button from the emails soon. Comments, rants, rambles to Interested in putting your money where your Glitchet is?

When Soto entered, he found a virtual world that was practically empty: just a few avatars attending quiz shows or cheesy comedy performances. In the months since he’d quit his job as a pastor at a branch of his local megachurch in Reading, Pennsylvania, Soto had been looking for a way to create a radically inclusive church.

After all, he had embarked on a career in ministry to introduce as many people as possible to God’s love.

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