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:li tried every single fix on thread and the one in the answers section none of them worked for me even combining all of those 5 fixes didnt work either. An user on the forums posted his version of the C:\Program Data\Battle. All you have to do is replace his version with your old version, and hopefully everything should work (as it did for me).” -SCH from comments - Fix #5 Additional Notes: If you get a decryption error it means you probably didn’t finish the download. decryption error might also indicate a corrupt download.

maybe it is because im living in a university campus which uses a game firewall but i can play anyother game with using yourfreedom proxycap guess it didn't work on this one or i just don't know how to fix it with proxycap and yfis there anyone can confirm that only allowing the setup file is enough for those who live in a campus? It seems like every step of the process is just covered in problems. Check the folder you downloaded your files into for any that say . Run the downloader in the same directly you chose originally and it should fix the files automatically and/or finish downloading.

Close it, and ctrl alt delete and end the “Agent” process.3. it will get stuck for a min or so and then work Credits: verry much guys I kept on getting stuck also but i found my own solution that worked for me. I kept on closing the agent and clicking on the agent to reopen it as it was updating.

When I first start them up, it asks me to log into my broadband network, which makes no sense.

For whatever reason, Internet Explorer (which I never use) was set to "work offline".

For whatever reason, with Internet Explorer set to work offline, the Diablo 3 installer was failing to do anything other than time out.

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Visit Stack Exchange After a reasonable hiatus from Blizzard games, I have decided to reinstall Diablo 3.

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