Daddy39s girl dating

[Read: 11 types of girls you should avoid falling for at all costs] #2 She calls him before she calls you.

You will never be as smart, worldly, or intelligent as the big man in her eyes.

If the mom is still around, she is often aloof and detached with reason. She is shocked why all of her old manipulative tricks won’t work on you, they always worked on daddy! You best be on your best behavior and pull out all the charm.

[Read: Manipulative behavior: 10 devious signs you should never ignore] #13 She has an inflated sense of self. After all, she grew up as a princess in her castle believing that one day her Prince Charming would come, but he still wouldn’t be as good as daddy. If you date a daddy’s girl, be ready to hand over your wallet. A daddy’s girl wants affirmation constantly about how awesome she is, how she does no wrong, and how lucky you are to have her.

#3 She cares more about what he thinks than you do. They are used to getting everything they want and then some.

A daddy’s girl likes being the center of attention, and if she doesn’t hold the prominent space, she does whatever she can to get it.

Hitting on your best friend or entering the wet t-shirt contest, it makes no difference.

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