Dahilan ng pagdating ng mga amerikano sa pilipinas

It is a common belief that this post would be occupied by one who held it during the Revolution, and for this reason he persists in winning sympathy, using as an instrument the Veterans of the Revolution, endeavoring to establish throughout the Archipelago Commandancias Departamentales (Departmental Commands.) He himself destroyed his work due to his excessive ambition for grandeur and riches, and the like.

Had he renounced this great amount in favor of the invalid veterans of the Revolution.

Kakapanuod ko lamang ng pelikulang Heneral Luna at sa pagtatapos ay nabalot ako ng matinding galit sa mga pangyayari.

Naisip ko na tila ito ang pelikulang sumasalamin sa dahilan kung bakit hanggang ngayon ay patuloy na sakit ng ating lipunan.

It was nothing more than a mean and despicable order.

Emilio Aguinaldo's surrender to the American's was a cowardly act. He surrendered for fear that others more competent than he would occupy the post of president of tne Republic.

Aguinaldo's men thereupon began to seize the firearms of the Bonifacio men and when the Y became aware of what was happening they were already disarmed.

The Bonifacios were also accused of drawing away soldiers from the Revolution in Cavite, the plan of Bonifacio being to continue the Revolution by joining his forces to those of Emilio Jacinto and the undersigned (i.e.

Under Andres Bonifacio and Antonio Luna these cases were severely punished.While recuperating from his wounds, he dispatched a patrol to Benguet hoping to find a site for guerilla activities against the Americans.General Antonio Luna's tragic death came unexpectedly on June 17, 1899.Emilio Aguinaldo) to a conference absented himself, which was a cowardly stratagem. Luna was dastardly assassinated on the stairs of the Convent of Kabanatuan and already fallen on the ground, the mother of Emilio Aguinaldo looked out the window and asked: "Ano, humihinga pa ba? ) The Spanish soldier-prisoners who witnessed this iniquitous assassination said: "We admired the valor and intrepidity of General Luna who, tormented with shots and already fallen to the ground, could still shout: "Cowardly Cavitenios !" History condemns these barbaric acts, He (E, Aguinaldo) also gave orders to assassinate the undersigned to Generals Severino Taino and Pio del Pilar who did not obey the said orders for considering them infamous, unjust, and without any motive, whatever.

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