Dallas dating spots

If anything, steer clear of Saturdays as it seems to be mostly couples doing their weekly grocery shopping.

This ideally located (yes, Uptown is the primary neighborhood for eligible singles) dog park and bar checks many boxes.

Dallas is great for an active couple and with the soaring heat in the summer, you’ll find a sizzling date will go down a storm.

I’ve seen the crowds pretty much all times of day (except late night, post-9pm, if you have witnessed that scene please report back) and the pickings look good.

This time, however, I will be sharing my tips on where a single girl might potentially meet a single boy. So ladies, if you like those odds and don’t want to freeze to death in Anchorage, then head to Javier’s Cigar Bar, tucked inside Javier’s Gourmet Mexicano.

Hopefully, as I get my game back on I will begin discovering where a boy might meet another boy. Channel your inner Samantha (from by ordering a high-end scotch and brush up on your knowledge of Cuban cigars in advance — you don’t bring your own, rather order from Javier’s extensive menu.

The oil and gas boys are out in full force from the window of 4 to 7 pm.

They seem busy on their devices, but I’ve caught a few glance up to check out any girls that walk in the room.

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