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The sucky part is that in “this future,” Chloe learns that Davis is Doomsday and Clark returns to past mere seconds before Lois revealed his secret. “You’re Gonna Want That Tooth” So this week on Survivor: Tocantins, Jalopao and Timbira continue to battle the elements of Brazil as their tribes return to an equal number, 5 on 5.The episode wasn’t the most riveting, but they have set themselves up for some seriously good episodes in the future. In tribe news: Taj and Stephen have secured the hidden immunity idol that was in the Jalapao treemail; Jalapao wins the reward challenge and receives letters from home, food and a real bathroom; Timbira continues to deal with the “all-knowing” Coach; Timbira wins immunity by a hair; Taj “gets hot” after the immunity challenge and puts herself in jeopardy just before Tribal Council; Spencer is eliminated at Tribal Council.

The thing about Chris that I did like was that he didn’t let his success go to his head. A mellow surfer who doesn’t care about money or status as long as the waves are breaking.

The ageist issue was a major portion of the show; Patty sends him to a therapist to try and “cure” him as well as stock the mixer with women over 30 to prove her point. In the end, Chris somewhat figured out Yvonne’s age and stuck her in the “friendzone.” Of course, Robby Love is coming back next week as one of the millionaires.

He ends up dating a laidback yoga instructor, Yvonne, and they have an unorthodox (millionaire) date at the beach surfing.

“Infamous” So after a few week hiatus, Smallville has returned during sweeps to give us…Linda Lake?

Of all plot lines, of all possible villains, they decide to reprise Tori Spelling’s character during sweeps? Now in the episode, washed-up reporter (pardon the pun) Linda Lake returns to try and become the press box for “the red-blue blur.” In conjunction with her desire to write about Clark’s heroic efforts, she also has decided to publish the exposé on Clark’s extra-terrestrial past.

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