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Jared and Jensen work together 5 days a week, go home together, go out together weekdays and weekends (this pic is from a mall in Seattle)Well, I think it's an awesome relationship (whatever it is), because I never wanted (or felt the need) to go everywhere with my coworker, and don't even spend that much time with my best friends.

So, if you meet someone and you are confortable enough to spend 24/7 with him/her, well, that's awesome.

That was a good thing about Jared and Jensen until now, they were kinda unknown, 2 actors on a small tv show, living in Van, but it might change.

There is something so "fishy" about this whole think it stinks.

"Because you are right, people would look at them differently just because of their sexuality." Not only. Kind of like Lil Nas x and how he came out, then everyone goes, “He’s totally saying he’s gonna ride ‘til he can’t no more because he’s gay a Ha Ha H! But you’re definitely right about it being less known back then.

" Too bad things like this are still happening these days.

There are strange straight women who get off seeing two goodlooking men get it on, then write their stupid slash stories.

Then of course there were the infamous Prancing Ponies of LOTR.

Heroes has turned to total crap and nobody watches the Sarah Connor Chronicles. I popped over to IMDB and gandered at some of the Jensen posts.

This in no way takes away from the passion..adds to it because they are able to draw on shared values, experiences, and points of view which gives security for each of them to fully express themselves in every way including sexually. Quotes from Jared and Jensen:"We're pretty similar. He plays sports, He works out, He's got a girlfriend, He's kind of the manly kind of guy He doesn't look it BUT.. We're sitting there and having a drink and stuff and Then Jensen kind of gets his funny look on his face and then He goes - wait stay still - and then about halfway into reaching for my face He realizes He is 'like reaching to grab my face' and You see his face to change like - Oh I gotta get that too - WHAT AM I DOING?

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