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Hugs ~M~ Hope you will come back and get to know us all, we have some good friendships here , also we talk about anything your heart desires. I do not mind at all that he has another wife or female friend. He insists he just doesn't want to go through anything like dating again because of our true happiness together and he deep and honestly faithful history, I am obviously aware he could quite possibly meet someone, because he is amazing. It takes so much work and it's over in a half hour or an hour tops. I hope you and your family have a great holiday season!! So why not have a place to discuss difficult things dealing with families or anything with this shitty cancer. It was hard on him, but now I have learned to love him, but in such a different way. We have another house we share and that should be his. But I do know that within my own heart, I would want more of a group of friends and someone to spend time with. They worry about the bleeding and keeping that under control. I would love to see anyone else's if they feel Iike posting it. I do hope that the experience wasn't as bad as you feared. Mae, Did I see that you had snow down there in Texas? I must confess that you were right - the relationships by marriages are a bit confusing. As long as you can keep them straight, that is all that matters. Claudia, When will you get the results of today's scans? Tanya, I love that picture you posted of all the smiling faces of the women in your family. I am glad that you were feeling well during the trip. Dec 12, 2017 PM - edited Dec 13, 2017 PM by Micmel 50's~So nice to see your sweet post! I appreciate the sweet thing you said to me about the selfie with the puppers. 45 years of knowing myself as one way and then the shock of what I am now. The special thing in our lives are people and families. Dec 12, 2017 PM kacy2 wrote: I am on my third marriage. He was never able to take the place of D whom I couldn't bare to lose. I feel bad for him, but am sure he'll have some opportunities and probably will take one of them. We will work out the property so he can live in our retirement home, but my kids eventually get it. Had to use the under the bum potty for a few hours. I agree with you on 50's posting, she is the sweetest thing and you can tell she really cares!! Much love ~M~ Dec 13, 2017 AM Micmel wrote: thanks about the tree. Big hugs ~M~ Good job demanding that they compare density! I was 60 when my previous husband, D, died and a few years later I married J. I will be careful to set things up to protect my children. That you can designate as you wish and is not divided up. I had a liver biopsy, and I couldn't move for four hours after flat on my back. I wish for you it will be quick and easy and you can be on your way!Micmel wrote: As I go through this forced path I have been thrown down, I have come to realize the love I have always had for my husband was strong. I hope everyone is doing well, I was wondering if anyone has heard of a spray that you spray directly onto your pillow, it contains chamomile and lilac. I looked at her with daggers shooting out of my eyes and told her yes, I knew that. Preparing for the holidays is certainly alot of work . I know the medicine does have side effects and they suck outloud!

I think everyone in this neck of the woods either has a cold, is getting over a cold, or is just coming down with one. I hope it goes well and that your week of misery that usually follows isn't severe.

Hugs and prayers to everyone from, Lynne Dec 12, 2017 PM - edited Dec 12, 2017 PM by Micmel Mae~Hi there!

I feel like I am stalking the ups man, always on the look out for him, "where's my packages???? I have had very few issues with Faslodex and Ibrance other than low blood counts. I know I have missed people, but this post has grown into a book. I am very interested in Chelle's mention of the swivel puzzle table. It will take me a few months to recover from Christmas. I mean I have to admit it is fun on Christmas 🎄 morning all around together.

Of course, the puppie's head is about twice the size of yours. Although you cannot see it yourself, you are still a beautiful woman.

Mel, The picture of you and the puppy is really nice.

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