Dating a doctor

Also, since I'm in the life sciences dating a doctor would mean we have a lot in common.

If I saw a future with you, I really think I could get through the residency as long as your hours settled down eventually somewhat (as will be the case with my current SO).

My career is just getting started and trying to date someone who works as much as a resident is not for me.

I just don't see what kind of couple time there is once you've worked at least two full time work weeks in the space of one week. I've been in relationships where I was the sustaining factor before, and I can speak from that experience that I would not be able to sustain a relationship for that long.

If I were single and the guy was awesome, I'd probably give it a try, but I don't know how long I could do that.

There would have to be a pretty strong trust between both parties. SO's time some of my family are in the healthcare field, so I'm pretty understanding of the hectic schedule.One thing I looked at was doctor's divorce rates and doctor-doctor marriages have only a 10% separation rate which is astronomically low, so it appears you're spot on with "shit where you eat".I'm also trying to defy the god complex stereotype, though interestingly most of the aspiring doctors I know are fairly humble and modest, at least at this stage. Honestly, I prefer more attention from my SO than you'd be able to give me with that sort of work schedule. I'm sure there are women out there who'd be willing to make it work. While you would have a lot working against you, so do many other professions.This all depends also on having a girlfriend who understands you will be stressed, and she will have to have her own life, hobbies, and friends to fall back on for when she can't be with you..way she doesn't feel so lonely.Personally, I don't think I would date another doctor/med student.

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