Dating a female black belt

View Large On White View Large On Black View Extra Large ► Inscribed with a Dürer monogram in brown ink at lower centre.

Lettered with four lines of verse in each of the scrolls above the figures.

It's not an overly large space, but the room's sky blue walls hold together more than a simple training area -- they prop up a dream, too.

Ted Noten has managed to transform a chastity belt – the ultimate object for oppressing woman and their sexuality – into an aesthetic object.

A 2017 survey by UN Women and Promundo revealed that nearly 60% of Egyptian women have been sexually harassed while a 2017 Thomson Reuters poll that surveyed experts in women’s issues, Cairo was named the most dangerous city in the world for women.

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In the middle of the room stands a pillar with a vertical-jump pegboard; mirrors line the right wall, and in the back is a squat rack that doubles as a ladder up to a loft.The main focus is on performative aspects of the martial arts, though it has become popular with Egyptian women, mainly teenagers and young adults, interested in learning a different form of self-defence.Dressed in red silat uniforms paired with black hijabs (head scarves), they would train in hand-to-hand combat and weapons, and do so alongside their male counterparts.When one of the women successfully disarmed and took down her opponent, the others clapped in support.During the holy month of Ramadan, the Indonesian Cultural Centre in Cairo hosted group iftars (evening meals) for the men and women training in pencak silat.

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