Dating a late 70s strat

In , Fender decided to stop stamping ID numbers in guitar parts and started making decals for the guitar peghead or headstock.

Along with the new location a new series of serial numbers were instituted.

The s Fender gig bag, an alternative to the more expensive rectangle hard shell tweed case.

This system dating stratocaster serial numbers is unique to these three models until about the early summer of when Fender switched to a universal neck plate ashland al dating number system for all models: Fender used Kluson tuners exclusively on all models.

These guitars have a completely different set of serial numbers that I will talk about later in the article.

This section only deals with USA made Fender guitars. The new serial number system was a little complicated, but it does make it relatively easy to tell the date of the guitar.

Fender mass-produced the headstock decal without matching them with the annual production schedules of the guitars—meaning they made more decals for a given year than guitars. I am looking into my Strat that I recently bought for date codes. I'd like to post some pictures in the next few days and your comments would help. The number is The other half swapped the meaning of the last two digits. My neck plate number is I have other pictures but but I am running out of time here in the morning before I have to go to work.

There were a few years where excess headstock ID number decals were produced and held over to the next year, the some guitars are actually dated with a previous year decal. I noticed that I have a little hole by the truss rod mount. I see nothing there inconsistent with a mid s Strat neck. There was another site that I now can't find which swaps the Y and D codes at the end. Softwarejanitor asked for pictures of the front and back of the headstock. Robins , Aug 30, You neck put's it in a window of the three bolt neck to when they moved the serial numbers to the headstock.

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The number and date on the neck is simply the date that the neck was finished—not the date that the guitar was completed.That means that there could be a Tele, Strat, and Precision bass with the exact same serial number.At some point in , Fender decided to stop grouping the guitar ID number by model.When Leo first started putting identification numbers on his guitars, he segregated them by model.Each models unique numbers started at 1 or a number close to it.

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