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A friend of mine used to give teenage girls this piece of dating advice: guys aren’t ripe to date until they’re twenty-five years old.I thought it was a bit extreme and harsh towards the boys.Or maybe you are in a relationship but it’s a little rocky. I mean, you want to, but you don’t even know where to start. But don’t you deserve confidence and clarity more than confusion and insecurity?Or perhaps you are dating someone wonderful but noticing that it’s getting harder and harder to navigate the modern dating world (especially as a Christian). I want to share five tips for dating from my husband’s perspective that will hopefully encourage you: Guys don’t mind a little venting now and then, we all have our bad days!When she isn’t writing, you can find her with a coffee in hand as she dives into the Word, jogging through town, and traveling the globe with her husband.

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She understands the reality that we all have imperfections, brokenness, and pieces of our lives we’d rather not show.Think about it…for every one less person that chooses not to play the game, that’s one less person conforming to the culture and every one of those “one less persons” add up!There are good, strong Godly men and women out there.Guys can appreciate when a woman puts in a little effort to look nice but if you’re constantly looking in the mirror or being vain about how your hair looks, it’s a major turn off. If you don’t know how he feels or where the relationship is headed, ask!Don’t play into the dumb games by not asking where you stand just because you’re afraid you might not get the response you hope for.

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