Dating advice for short guys

Are you wondering why women prefer a Bruno Mars type of guy over a tall guy? After all, good things come in small packages like you and me, and you can make it work in the dating world as long as you focus on your advantages, and ignore your height. Follow these simple and effective tips and you’ll be the king of the dating world.

The first thing you need to do in order to be successful in the dating world is to ditch your short man attitude.

Three seconds is the magic number that comes as pure attraction and that will make the girl think that you are really into her in a cute and adorable way. The reality is that short men need to work on their style more than taller guys.

She will instantly want more of the same attention.The fact of the matter is that society is pushing height as one of the qualities that make a good man.Ever since forever, height has been associated with power and masculinity. No matter how you put it, bitterness is unattractive to anyone, no matter the size and everything else.Dating tips for short guys #1 is ignore your height. I know you are probably getting jokes about your height ever since you were a child. But don’t let anyone tell you that you are not worth it because of your size.Probably women, even those at your height pass you by in order to date tall guys.

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