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They needed to taylor the music for the specific audience they wanted.

Music is hugely poweful – sometimes I worry that the church is church is copying the rubbish secular muisc that and gets them used to mundaness and sameness of pop culture.

There is a lot of ‘negative’ stuff flying round about Hillsong Church recently. ” But is that the real Motive behind churches like Hillsong or are their motives to really serve and help the needy?All money is Gods and if Christians are going to use it for the good then great.Most churches offer up their accounts freely for all to see – and so they should… Brian Houston says you can see their books any time you want – good for him.This kind of thing is bound to arouse suspicion – but at the same time – has to be done as you need money to do things.As far as I am concerned if Hillsong are accountable with their money – they can have as much as they like.

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