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Whether you’ve only recently found out you have HIV or you’ve grown up knowing you have HIV, being a young person living with HIV can be particularly difficult.

Your teenage years are a time of great change – your body develops during puberty, and it’s often very emotional.

- If you’re going to have sex, using external (or male) condoms or internal (or female) condoms correctly is a very effective way of preventing HIV, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unplanned pregnancy.

Many clinics provide free condoms and other contraception, as well as confidential information and advice.

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If your partner knows about HIV, it can make it easier to talk about using condoms.

Think about when and where, so you won’t be interrupted or rushed… You may worry that you can never have a relationship, or sex, or that you won’t be loved.

None of these things are true - people living with HIV fall in love, have sex, have fulfilling relationships, marry, have children (without passing on HIV) - all the things that people who don’t have HIV do. How do you explain what it means to be undetectable and about Pr EP?

FAST FACTS • As you get older, you’ll probably want to manage your own health, care and treatment but just because you’re becoming an adult doesn’t mean that you’re meant to ‘know it all’.

• Remember, it’s your choice as to when, where and how you tell people about your HIV status.

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