Dating cheating house wives

This doesn't take into account whether or not the feelings are one-sided, which may be messy for unrequited crushes.

If Nightlife or later is installed, and a Sim catches another Sim flirting with their partner, they will also be furious at their partner, regardless whether their partner rejects the flirt.

A person of character does not cheat when the relationship goes bad, they choose to divorce rather than deceive and betray.

Tread carefully to be sure that you do not get hurt.

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Purchasing the lifetime reward eliminates jealousy altogether.As well as repairing jealousy, there is also a way to prevent it.In The Sims 3: World Adventures, a new lifetime reward is added; No Jealousy.The No Jealousy reward also makes it possible to create a polyamorist Sim, with multiple lovers living under one roof.When cheating occurs, the Sim will be slapped and the two Sims will lose -50 relationship points.

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