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John Cobin has lived in Santiago for 15 years and wrote, Things that Americans (and Canadian, Australians, Europeans, among others) will Hate about Chile.He claims, “some Chilean men will consider it good sport to try to sleep with your wife.” This is true, and if you’re a single man at a party and talk to a married woman, her husband will scowl at you because he thinks that you want to sleep with her.Chile does not allow foreigners or Chileans to easily open businesses and the government forces companies in Chile with more than 25 employees to hire at least 85% Chileans, leaving little room for foreigners (Article 19 of the Labor Code).A prudent migrant saves enough to stay in Santiago for a year, as that is the amount of time that may be required to secure employment.The good news for foreign women is that companies prefer foreign to Chilean women.

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Investors are losing confidence in Chile, causing a decline in the IPSA index of stocks in 2012-13 after soaring for 20 years.

Chile has enacted restrictive labor laws that hinder businesses; at least one foreign investor is waging a capital strike against Chile.

Chile has passed other idiotic laws such as prohibiting Mc Donald’s and other fast food chains from putting toys in Happy Meals.

Emily gives tips on finding a job in Chile that you might find useful.

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