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One of the beliefs of Christianity is not to engage in fornication or adultery.

If a man wants to wait until marriage to be intimate, respect his wishes.

Even if your relationship doesn't lead to marriage, you can still have a good relationship with a man who puts God first in his life.

Christianity includes denominations like Baptist, Catholic and Lutheran, to name a few.

It's easy for someone to say that she's a Christian, but showing that you're a Christian will be much more impressive to a man who's religious.

This includes doing Christian acts like helping the less fortunate, not using swear words, not having premarital intercourse and attending church on a regular basis.

But nothing will waste your youth more than fighting for male acceptance.” What do you think this author means about wasting your youth?

They’ll be there for you to pursue when the time comes and if you want to.

While you’re still figuring out who you are, you don’t need that added level of complexity.

Learning to communicate with someone else, in a serious relationship, takes up so much time, and it can easily become the main focus of your days.

Your lives are very full, but when we compare ourselves with others, we can still feel left out.

What kinds of things can you do when you feel lonely because you don’t have a boyfriend?

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