Dating different people same time

Different people have different ideas about what it means to be in love, and the criteria under which happy relationships can flourish.

When I was sixteen, my sister and I were helping my grandmother organize some old photographs.

Does the existence of these types of relationships prove that you can love two (or more) people at once?

Or do they simply acknowledge the predisposition of certain people to gravitate away from monogamy?

"Falling in love with someone new is challenging, because it tests the strength, boundaries, and commitment of your existing relationship." I guess the best explanation turns the question on its head: Love is subjective and exclusive to the person who is feeling it."If we practice some mindfulness, it can be easier to suss out what it is we're really feeling.If you are struggling to tell if it's love or lust (or both), take some time to sit with your feels." Our society is slowly growing more accepting of people in open or polyamorous relationships."But they do have choice about how many funny, flirty emails they send them." Having sexy feelings about someone is one thing.If you don't act on those feelings, you're not harming anyone.

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