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In the United States white opposition to African-American success resulted in only the most rudimentary schools for African Americans, as proven by Gebhart v. It often took decades after the South established public schools for systems to offer education at the high school level.

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In these early schools, which were mostly rural, as was characteristic of the South, classes were most often taught by a single teacher, who taught all subjects, ages, and grades.Into the 20th century, black schools had fewer books, worse buildings, and teachers were paid less.In Washington, DC, however, because public school teachers were federal employees, African-American and Caucasian teachers were paid the same.Some schools, such as the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, were forced into a limited form of desegregation before that; with the Baltimore City Public School System voting to desegregate the prestigious advanced placement programme in 1952.However, many were still de facto segregated due to inequality in housing and patterns of racial segregation in neighborhoods.

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