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So if you have little or no desire for any kind of sex—even with George Clooney in your fantasies—see your doctor to be sure you don't have a medical condition, such as thyroid issues or certain cancers, says Dr. Beyond that, libido has a lot to do with how easily you can talk to your partner, and how bothered either of you is by how often you have sex.For one couple, once a month feels fine, whereas for others three times a week is practically nothing.And try to quash that inner monologue that's telling you men don't find less-than-perfect bodies sexy.Ask any guy: If the woman who shares his bed gets naked, he's not seeing a muffin top and cellulite."Figure out how much sex is enough before you decide you have a libido problem," says Mc Grath.Myth 7: Things that once turned you on no longer work because of your age.

In this video I’ll reveal what I think is the optimal solution: getting a guy to ask YOU out so you don’t have to do the asking. Strangely enough, I have no issues approaching a man online first.Truth: "This is more a fact of a long relationship than aging," says Mc Grath. Have a whole range of moves in your sexual arsenal because different things turn you on not just in different stages of life but on different days! Did you recently get a promotion at work and are feeling good about yourself? It's never too late to explore what turns you on, says Mc Grath.You might be bored or in a rut (and so might your man), so address it as soon as possible, advises Dr. Myth 8: If I've never had great orgasms, it's too late now. Sebastian, who admits, "I was never multi-orgasmic until after I had my second child." She attributes the change to a newfound sense of self-confidence, an ability to start askingfor what she wanted in bed. The other day, I wrote a piece on famous people who died as virgins.For the most part, the list consisted of older people -- primarily people who lived in the 1800s and earlier -- however, that being said, the time period in which they lived was not the only similarity that I noticed between many of the people included.

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