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Earned Run: When a pitcher is responsible for the opposing team scoring a run.

Earned Run Average: How many earned runs a pitcher allows every 9 innings.

Bat Around: When the first batter of an inning makes has another plate appearance in the same inning. Blown Save: When a relief pitcher fails to close the game and allows the opposing team to take the lead. Cactus League: Spring training that takes place in Arizona.

Battery: Term used to describe the pitcher and the catcher. Called Up: When a player is promoted to the major leagues from the minor leagues.

Dead Arm: A normally-effective pitcher who has grown weary and whose pitches are less effective.

Caught Looking: When a batter is struck out without swinging at the third strike.

Caught Napping: An inattentive base runner who is picked off.

Bases Loaded (Juiced): When there are runners on first, second, and third base.

Basket Catch: An over the back catch made with the mitt held at mid-body. A pitcher who has thrown 3 balls and 0 strikes is behind in the count. Brushback: A high-and-tight pitch designed to get the batter from crowding the plate. Bunt: A deliberately lightly hit ball usually intended to move base runners.

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