Dating for young

Along these same lines, younger men tend to have less bitterness and inner turmoil than most older men. Women tend to hate being reminded of their age because they just don’t FEEL 40-something on the inside. Hanging out with his younger friends and being one of the crowd lets us forget we are getting older.

Bad divorces, financial issues, and job dissatisfaction may play a role in an older man’s relationships. While this may not be for everyone, some women find this very appealing and why wouldn’t they? Not that they cannot change or want to change, but younger men don’t have “ways” yet in general.

Younger men already know as an older woman, you just know more as you have LIVED.

They may be more willing to defer to you for advice and this feels awesome. Depending on your preferences, this could be a huge power-trip for a lady.

So if you are looking for reasons to say YES to that sexy younger guy at the gym or your very cute younger male neighbor, here are a few to consider.

When we date men our own age or older, we often lose a bit of our own power.

Ladies, I am living this with my new husband who is, in fact, three years older than I am. ) I think in this, men and women tend to be the same.

They are more willing to perhaps change their clothes, their cologne or even relocate just because you asked and they want to be with you.

Now, this does not mean you get to boss him around or the younger man is some beta male who allows you to tell them what to do. You are more financially stable with your own career, house, car, and money. In no way am I saying older men won’t try new things, some definitely will.

However, younger men will try new things with enthusiasm and gusto.

When a woman dates a younger man, however, suddenly we have lost our damn minds!

Ladies, do not judge or hate on your friends who only date younger guys.

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