Dating furniture pressboard

Accordingly, the yield of a rare grain pattern or wood type is greatly increased, in turn placing less stress on the resource.Some manufacturers even use a very wide knife to "slice off" the thin veneer pieces. The slices of veneer are always kept in the order in which they are cut from the log and are often sold this way.The final rule also establishes a third-party certification program for laboratory testing and oversight of formaldehyde emissions from manufactured and/or imported composite wood products.Top of Page Composite wood products are created by binding strands, particles, fibers, veneers, or boards of wood together with adhesives (i.e., glues).

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Top of Page Formaldehyde exposure can have a negative effect on health, both in the short and long term.

EPA finalized a rule to reduce harmful exposures to formaldehyde emitted into the air from certain composite wood products.

This rule implements the formaldehyde emission standards and other provisions required under the Formaldehyde Standards for Composite Wood Products Act, which added Title VI to the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).

Another advantage of veneer is sustainability—furniture made with wood veneer uses less wood than the same piece of furniture made with solid wood.

Further, veneer may also be more readily available than solid wood as exotic hardwood lumber can be scarce and very expensive.

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