Dating girl with std

But they don't teach any of this because it screws up the narrative that abstinence is the best counter measure with condoms as a fall back (but still you should definitely feel bad about having sex).

Why don't they focus more on areas where HIV is actually commonly spread - mainly anal sex and sharing needles?

Other than that - an STD test for both of you is probably a good idea; if you want to shrug off the johnnies.

Most things are treatable even HIV (which is no longer a death sentence) but you'd still want to wear a condom if you found your partner was HIV .

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The majority of them never show symptoms in their lifetime and most of the rest show insignificant symptoms that would hardly damage a person's life at all.And yet there is already a very good chance that you have it and don't even know!Every time you get on a motorbike and drive through Phuket for 15 minutes you are putting yourself in much greater danger than banging some Thai girl, condom or not.Hepatitis is endemic in Thailand and something that is easily transmitted via intercourse.You probably should be immunized against Hep A and B before you go bareback.

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