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I was truly falling in love with this man, but I realized that things could only go so far, as she had such a hold on him emotionally. those are very intimate things she is doing with him. there is a fine line in doing it for the kids and doing it for the wife. 13 this child knows what's going on and will understand that mom has her own life and dad as his life with you.

For again the sake of the youngest daughter I feel obligated to say sure.

He's taken her to the doctor, stayed at the hospital with her during a non evasive surger.

She has little friends and a not very dependable family. FOr the sake of the kids, especially the youngest, he feels he need to keep nher happy and healty.

I agree, a civil relationship with your ex IS great for the kids, but there still needs to be some boundaries. It sound like their boundrie are a little different than your's. He needs to make a decision does he want his ex wife back and play house, does he want to be single and still be able cater to his ex wife with no strings attached to anyone or does he want to be with you without an ex wife intruding on your relationship.

I guess if you want to stay with this guy, you're going to have to like his ex wife popping in to raid your freezer. He needs to make a decision, don't say oh if I ask him he will leave me.

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