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The communities in the Caucasus Mountains have rich traditions dating back thousands of years.The relationship between Azerbaijan and Armenia is like Israel and the Middle East.Women also hold high positions in government and serve in the military.Despite the liberal appearance of this secular, post-Soviet nation in the Caucasus, tradition remains vital in Azerbaijani culture.Visit Azerbaijan, and experience some of the world’s best hospitality.Locals go to great lengths to help, and guests are a valued commodity.They have been engaged in conflict since 1988 over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region. Oil stimulated Baku’s boom in the late 19th century, funding most of the elegant architecture, mansions and palaces in modern Baku.Even saying the name evokes suspicion and raises eyebrows. The second oil boom saw the nation’s wealth hit the roof. Oil was also the culprit behind why the value of manats almost halved against the US dollar as oil prices plummeted in 2015. Many younger Azerbaijanis aspire to work in the petroleum industry.

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Apparently, the sugar reacts to the toxin when dipped into the tea.Embrace the following quirks, and immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of Azerbaijan.Azerbaijan follows Shia Islam, the same as neighbouring Iran. But, they consider Sunni Turkey to be their brothers.Today Azerbaijan has a minority who still have the old views and a Soviet mentality.An example of this might be someone who shouts at tourists who are taking photographs near a monument, which he or she perceives to be disrespectful. A positive legacy of almost two centuries of Russian rule is the way men respect women.

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