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It follows a decision taken nearly two years ago to ban the entire group, under the terms of a Russian law that defines extremism in the vaguest of terms, and that was amended in 2007 to embrace some non-violent movements.Almost 100 Russian members of the sect face criminal charges under that law, and more than 20 are in pre-trial detention.O’Donnell has since become a centerpiece for ex-JWs, collecting their stories, connecting them with each other, and helping expose the abuse scandal within the faith.Remember: This is a religion that doesn’t take abuse claims seriously unless there were two witnesses who can attest to it… It’s a religion that keeps postponing the date for the end of the world — when those outside the religion will die while the righteous live on in a new paradise — and leaders use that to scare people into obedience. Left alone with his thoughts, he began to admit to himself that he no longer believed Armageddon was imminent.To many observers this reflects a Russian policy that fosters “traditional” religion only insofar as it reinforces loyalty to the state.With their pacifist stance and American roots, the Witnesses are at the opposite end of that spectrum.But because ex-JWs have found a community online, they’ve been able to bring these stories out into the open.They’ve also been able to expose some of the Witnesses’ biggest secrets.

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This is based on an interpretation of certain passages in the Old and New Testaments.In the United States, before and after the second world war, the Witnesses fought lengthy court battles to win exemption from conscription and the requirement (in schools, for example) to salute the Stars and Stripes.In Canada, the authorities interned many Witnesses during the war on grounds that they were a “subversive” force.Witnesses also point out that they stood up to Nazi Germany, refusing to give the Nazi salute or join pro-Hitler organisations; more than 1,000 of them died in concentration camps.Much more recently, the sect has faced criminal charges in countries ranging from communist Cuba to capitalist Singapore.

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