Dating life hacks

This strategy helps me decipher who actually wants to get to know me from who’s just looking for a hookup.

“I think at this age, women feel like they should already be married or in a serious relationship,” she says.

When a guy replies, ‘cars and women,’ I just saved myself a handful of back and forth messages. I stand out amongst the crowd and get an informative answer.

Many guys have responded positively to this question and commended me for such a strong opening line." — “While I always appreciate an opening line that's more specific and personal, it does get tiring trying to come up with something different to say to dozens of people—especially because I prefer using Bumble which only allows women to send the first message.

Here, it helps to define what Cantlin means by “dating.” Cantlin doesn’t eschew all male romantic company.

“I love men–they are fascinating and valuable creatures,” she says. But the game she finds so many of her women friends playing–spending countless hours, using countless apps in the search for a Mr.

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