Dating methods geochronology and landscape evolution

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Detrital LT thermochronology (fission track and (U-Th)/He dating) can be applied additionally to reconstruct source region cooling and exhumation history through use of lag-time - the time taken between a mineral grain cooling below its closure temperature and its time of deposition.

While each of these methods in isolation are very valuable tools, they do have some limitations.

For example, DZ geochronology cannot differentiate different sources with the same crystallization age, the youngest DZ age population may be older than depositional age, large orogenic or metamorphic episodes may not produce much primary zircon, and recycling of zircon grains can lead to incorrect interpretation of syn-depositional versus primary sediment source.

Detrital LT thermochronology has additional problems such as syn-depositional age volcanic grains leading to erroneous lag-time interpretation.

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