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They got into trouble when they spoke with two undercover police officers from the Public Morals Unit, according to The LA Times.The charges were dropped a few months later, but the incident was enough to embarrass the club and it was one reason for Bell's involvement in a trade that took place during the offseason.

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The team was fined but the players insisted they had done nothing wrong.

There is no limit to the jokes that can be made about this; but to paraphrase a Whether you watch NFL football or not, Quentin Groves is probably not a familiar name, but he was far more of a big deal when he was at Auburn.

In college, he was one of the best pass rushing forces in NCAA competition, but in the NFL he has been a steady backup at best, playing for six teams in seven years.

Not much considering he won million for his 2004 World Series of Poker win. No, but he was featured on a sports network and was caught trying to pay for company, so he makes this list.

The mouthpiece defensive tackle who is a Hall of Fame inductee, Super Bowl champ, multiple year All-Pro selection and commentator was caught trying to solicit a prostitute the night after the Super Bowl.

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