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One such person who followed me, informed that it’s just for RMB 100.

She said that she will arrange a taxi to get to the actual “place” to do real things.

The one from Nanjing had deleted me from We Chat as I didn’t contact her soon enough (she had suggested me to contact her within an hour or so).

Spending a whole evening without seeing Nanjing Lu didn’t appear to be a very cool idea to me.

🙂 All the time she kept flashing postcard size photos saying, “China ladies, China ladies”.

I went to Nanjing Lu again on next evening, but a bit slightly late. 🙂 But I was again approached by quite a few of the massage and s** service brokers.

Since I had already realized the Nanjing Lu scam, I replied her rather slowly.

It seems that she even messaged me from her another fake account (Daisy).

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