Dating naval academy midshipmen

The Naval Academy hosted the Baltimore team on a temporary field drawn on part of the superintendent's cow pasture.

Rules decided upon between the teams established that the game was to be played under rugby rules.

The 1882 team would be the first with a coach, being supported by Academy officials.

The 1879 season was the last time that a Navy squad would play the Baltimore Athletic Club.

The squad received encouragement from some of the faculty, who allowed them to eat a late dinner and skip final drill for additional practicing.

This was against the direct orders of the school superintendent, who had banned football and similar activities.

The game, played under rugby rules, was a battle from beginning to end—a regular knock down and drag out fight.

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The Naval Academy completed its final season as an FBS independent school (not in a conference) in 2014, and became a single-sport member of the American Athletic Conference beginning in the 2015 season.

On three separate occasions, Navy forced Baltimore back into its own end zone for a safety; these were not worth any points until 1882, however, so they offered Navy no benefit.

The American and Chronicle reported that Maxwell, Craven, and Sample of Navy gave the strongest performances, but were also reckless in their play and were repeatedly penalized for jumping offside or kicking the ball out of play, a form of delay of game.

A Navy football standout from 1916 through 1918, Ingram took over a Navy team that had only won seven games in the previous two seasons combined.

One of the keys to Navy's 1926 squad was a potent offense led by All-America tackle and team captain Frank Wickhorst, who proved to be a punishing blocker for the Navy offense.

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