Dating old bottle marking canadian msnbc dating advice

Due to the enormous amount of bottle types and designs available, it is impossible to cover every single aspect of the history of bottles.Notably, it is the most sought-after collectibles which are the focus of many collectors.It is embossed PHILLIPS' MILK OF (trade mark) MAGNESIA.Below magnesia there is a word that is peened out of the mold.Here is a small and a medium one that I have found.They both have the same inscription "Rec'd in US Pat. The small one has been cleaned and is deep colbolt, The bigger one is as found in a barn, Note the original cork still on it.Phillips milk of magnesia was apparently made over quite a long period.Does anyone know what the earliest bottles looked like.

There are a number of characteristics used to date a bottle.A visual inspection of characteristics including physical aspects and manufacturing details are used to date the bottle, or at least achieve an estimated year of creation.There is no simple solution to dating a bottle outside of diligent research, which can sometimes become intense.This history is fascinating and the bottles being collected are often unique works of art.Historically, people have held on to and passed down bottles of all types, often due to their looks or useful purposes.

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